New year, New beginnings.

….. not yet the new year, but it’s good to prepare early.

Oh Hi everybody (Tommy Wiseau voice), welcome to my new (old) webpage/blog/clearing house for my online based stuff. Normally I won’t do all these sort of things but I guess today would be a good time as any to setup this page.. I have been wanting to do something with my domain for almost forever. The reason behind this sudden change is abit funny:

I have accidentally screwed up my configurations for my sisters WordPress blog, which I am also setting up, forgetting that I have a blog at but i set up her website with (names changed to protect the fragile ego of the one setting this thing up). I guess I have forgotten about the whole configuring of the subdomains thingy to the proper folder thingy so that it won’t accidentally overwrite everything. Awesome.

I have checked with my webhost on data recovery and it seems like they can’t do all that much about the overwritten blogposts, so I will need to go through the cache of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Thankfully they have mostĀ of my more noteworthy posts saved there, and also some posts which I might be abit hesitant in wanting to recover. Some posts are better off lost in the Net, but as we all know, that is not how the internet is set up, am I right NSA?

So whats my plans for this page? Well, content takes time to generate and I am kinda short on time (I mean, between the working and sleeping). Working at a Dilbert style workplace can really eat into your wanting to engage other projects as well.

I am most probably wanting to get my Class 2B over and done with, it’s been on a ten month long hold as I have to atone for my qestionalble financial actions. I also plan to get my class 3 as well, its the more usefull of licences as I will be able to drive a car. Car “ownership” in SG is kinda important in the field I am working on so I’ll need it done ASAP, along with a whole lot of stuff I have in mind. Certifications also are on my mind, but the finances better be there or else it’s just such a waste of mental energy.

Its the rainy month of December, maybe I wanna skip the Class 2B and do it in the dryer months. Just maybe.

Ok, better get back to setting up my sister’s eCommerce site. Who knows, I could get paid selling webspace?

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