New Job, New Start.

I left my previous role with a small SI (Systems Integrator – a catch all term for an IT services outsourcing firm) and am now working at Singtel (not directly, but I’m based at their location). Found the job after 3 weeks of hardcore job searching. I didn’t want to leave my previous role (I liked the job, the knowledge + skillset gained and my colleagues) but circumstances beyond my control has pushed me to make the decision that I made, plus after 10 months of working there with no real progression, it’s time for a change, and change I did.

The thing that interest me about my new role is that I will be dealing with higher end server hardware from multiple vendors. Servers aren’t new to me but I’ll be learning about blade servers and taking charge of over a thousand physical machines over various locations which could  be a challenge for me. Understanding the technical terminology and working under a somewhat uncompromising management framework could prove tedious, but I guess that is what I am here for – being the bridge between Singtel and the Vendor and their vendors. I guess this is where I can really study for my IT certifications. Its a two years contract, which means I don’t really have to worry about looking for a job within the next two years (hopefully).

Oh, I am also staying in SG. We are slowly moving stuff back to SG and doing minor renovation of the flat. At the very least internet has been installed. I choose Fibre 1gbps on MyRepublic for fast internet connection plus the “No Bittorent throttling” promise (but mainly because I have “problems” with the other telcos). We even installed LAN lines so that we could connect directly to the network via gigabit Ethernet. I’ve converted the old home PC to a Kodi-box/Media Server, but too bad my mom don’t really know how to use it.. maybe it’s just a hassle to use a wired keyboard and mouse. I could grab my wireless keyboard and mouse from JB, its in one of the boxes at the M Floor.

As for my technical knowledge, I am slowly but surely trying to get my solo lab up and running. Maybe just buy an old Lenovo X220 laptop and upgrade to 16gb of RAM, buy a new 1TB hard drive and install Windows 7 and VMware workstation. Using that I’ll play around with it to create multiple virtual servers and try out the practical exercises on both wintel servers and Linux as well. Maybe I could create 4 or more VMs, 2 Servers and 2 Desktops, just to play around and learn. Space is going to be a bit of an issue, so I’m going to keep my Lab footprint to a laptop with multiple VMs.

Yeah, so I guess that’s it for now. Maybe I’ll write more on a later date.

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