Selamat Hari Raya Haji

..and for the non-Muslims, Happy Holidays! (a bit too late, but whatever)

It’s now 3:00AM, when I should be asleep. The day has gone by and I’ve got a bike Road Revision later at 8:20pm. I’ll write another update later on, maybe when I unwind during lunch. I’ve been helping out my friend setup his site with WordPress, using my host. It’s up but there’s a bit of stuff that needs to be ironed out before letting it get “revealed to the world”, I guess.

Work is going great, learning more and getting to know more of the people and my function within the whole shebang.

Installed this dark theme as you could see, its abit cleaner and looks more polished then the older one. I’m liking this alot as its easier on the eyes for long form periods of reading. Most bloggers will want to follow a set format, but I prefer it to have a more personal feel to it.

Anyway, I should be sleeping, and go into Snorlax mode. Goodnite / early morning!

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