He Said, She Said.

He said some shit, She said some shit. The argument crescendo ends with a slamming of doors.. I was in my room the whole time.. I was too afraid to say or do something lest I get a verbal lashing myself. He went out with a huff, and She was left crying again..

For a moment I was brought back to when I was little.. When this happens, I wonder to myself, “Was this because of me?” Sometimes I find myself blaming my own existence, thinking that if I was never born, maybe they won’t be fighting as much.. or that I wouldn’t have to witness this, so that it won’t tear me from within..

Is it any wonder that I grew up with a deep disdain for marriage? Is this the reason why I don’t even bother looking for a girlfriend? What is the point of that, anyway? Whatever biological need that I think I have is long gone.. If They can’t make it work, what hope is there for me?

IMH is going to make a killing from me, that’s for sure.

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