On the New Year and The Plan for that Year.

Ah… the new years day. Its the time for you to celebrate the year that has passed and the achievements that have been accomplished over the last 12 months. Its a time to look over all the things that needs to be done in the next year, to plot forth the vision, the plan of action and the micro-steps in order to make the whole thing possible.

When it comes to financial goals, however, I have been reading a whole lot about it and looking at ways to diagnose my poor ass out of living paycheck to paycheck. I am now going to initiate a savings plan to save my own sorry ass from the totally pointless crutches of consumer debt. I have to work on saving my money and building my mini emergency fund for the rainy day that may come in the horizon. If I get my bonus in the end of the year, I am going to put that in my Emergency fund as well. I need to build a big enough buffer so that if a job loss is imminent, I would still have enough to last me a few months. In any case, I’m gonna follow the modified Dave Ramsey approach of saving a micro-emergency fund of $1000 first. That $1000 won’t help you if there are major issues but it will give a bit of security to keep your mind at ease. The potato diet will also help but it’s not going to work for the long haul. That’s why I am going to use excel to visualize the goal and then build it up via small monthly increments. Cut back on the bullshit spending and probably no holidays until a somewhat fully fleshed out emergency fund of $10,000 is built up.

2018 will also be the year where I will also do my best to build up multiple streams of income, so that it will increase my savings to build a rock hard financial foundation. With that built up, the rest will eventually follow. Success in one area of life will breed success in other areas in life. It might take longer, but it is sure as hell well worth the effort.

I am now in the midst of going through my class 3A lessons for the Auto-car license. I want to get that over and done with by mid this year. I have been delaying this for so long due to the lack of funds. The funds is still lacking but this is the sort of thing you need to do while you are still young and able to learn.

I’ll have to remod for module for IDDD, which will start on March. Going to have to complete the exams by May, and then we’ll see how things goes. I am going for a degree, but I am kinda split between 2 different courses from 2 different universities, both of which is offered by Kaplan. I have signed up for the Bachelors of Science in Computer Forensics, Information Security and Business Information Systems (Double Major) under Murdoch University towards the end of last year, but because I did not pass my IDDD module, I had to postpone my entry to the course. Kaplan also provides another course, the Bachelor of Science in Forensic Computing by University of Portsmouth. Its an Honours Degree, which some say is better. Its about $5000 cheaper then the Double Major that is offered by Murdoch University. My diploma classmates were telling me to join the Portsmouth one since its cheaper and it has fewer modules to study for (only 11 modules to slog through). Come to think about it, I guess they are right. Most employers don’t really care about the paper anyway. They only care about you having a degree. Hopefully I will able to do that later this year. In the meantime, I’m gonna stack that money for the sweet sweet Emergency Fund.

I know it’s kinda late with the month being halfway done, so Happy New Year everybody and may you achieve your goals for a better and brighter future.


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