About Me

The following is still a work in progress, or as the startups would like to say, “Everything is in beta mode”:

Hi, my name is Adi Amri. ¬†There are many words that I could use to describe myself, but if I were to use them all, I’m afraid that I would use up too much of your time.

I am a 29 year old who has been into Information Technology for as long as he could remember. I started out from my time in the IT Club in YTSS and I was lucky in my journey to have met people who have helped me fan the flames of my love for technology. But now at my current vintage, I see this primarily as a means of keeping the wolves at bay and my tummy somewhat full and happy.

My hobbies include heavy internet use.. just surfing from one endless rabbit hole to the next.

My love for the written word has evolved over the years but unfortunately have been placed on the back burner due to my work, gunning for my vehicle license and of course, the hours of self study to learn about new technology so as to add value to the company I am currently plying my trade in, but also most importantly, to gain knowledge for its own sake.